Liquid Waterproofing

The StrataShield range includes a variety of refurbishment options, ideal for use as an overlay on roofs, balconies and walkways. Where an economical, moisture-cured system is required, StrataShield Flex offers the perfect solution, and where speed of cure is a priority, StrataShield ProFlex offers wet-on-wet chemical cure technology.
PMMA resins have been used as waterproofing and surfacing systems in structural refurbishment for more than 30 years. Due to their chemical structure, PMMA resins are flexible and plasticiser-free. As a result they remain permanently elastic and extensible. Abrasion and wear are minimal. PMMA resins are able to withstand the toughest conditions. In addition, PMMA-based waterproofing and surfacing systems have a high resistance to salts. They possess very high hydrolysis-resistance and are also easy to clean.

The success of PMMA is based on the following:
Highly reactive PMMA resins are fully cured in just 30 minutes or so. The individual layers are immediately ready for application of the next coat or for use. It takes just a single day to refurbish a balcony, for instance, and a ramp can be reopened to vehicle and pedestrian traffic in a few hours.
A liquid waterproofing system adapts itself perfectly to the surface, which means that it will also seal complex details and upstands to prevent water ingress and sub-surface migration. It bridges movements in the substrate.
In terms of their chemical structure, PMMA resins are elastic, free from plasticisers and consequently lastingly extensible. According to the European Technical Approval (ETA), the service life of the roof waterproofing system is classified in the highest category (service life > 25 years).

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