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STRATASHIELD - Our very own liquid
waterproofing system


The StrataShield range of liquid waterproofing systems incorporates the latest polyurethane and polyurea technology and has been specially developed to meet the needs of modern construction. With traditional two layer, wet-on-wet and spray-applied options, StrataShield can be tailored to the individual needs of your roof or balcony, providing outstanding waterproofing performance and long-term peace of mind.


Liquid Primer: StrataPrime Porosity Sealer
Base Coat: StrataShield Flex Base Coat (Light Grey)
Fleece: StrataFleece GF
Top Coat: StrataShield Flex (Dark Grey)

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Strata waterproofing are a UKI flat roofing and waterproofing specialist. We distribute and represent Global, award winning manufacturers.
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