Tapered Insulation Design Service

Tapered Insulation is a flat roof insulation product that is manufactured with a fall/slope built in that is commonly used as an alternative to other methods of creating falls on a flat roof. 

Its dual purpose is to insulate the roof to meet the project specific U Value requirement whilst draining water off the roof.

We offer bespoke Tapered Insulation designs to meet your project requirements in a variety of Insulants and System build ups. 
Key Benefits of Tapered Insulation:

• Quicker to Install

• Cost effective to install – Tapered Insulation creates the required fall and thermal performance in “one-go”.

• Reduced weight compared to other method of creating falls, for example screed.

• Complex fall configurations can be easier to achieve than alternative methods such as timber & firrings.

• Reduced number of trades on site – one trade installs the insulation and waterproofing system.

• Refurbishment Projects- Can provide a lightweight solution to improve drainage on your existing roof and its thermal performance.

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