25 Coddington Crescent

StrataShield CladFlex offers an excellent solution
for rejuvenating the aging warehouse


Cosmos Projects was appointed for the refurbishment of the 138,231 sq ft warehouse and offices. As part of the refurbishment we carried out the repairing of the old corrugated metal roof.


Installer: Cosmos Project Group
Size: 140,000m2
Sector: Industrial
Location: 25 Coddington Crescent, Motherwell


StrataShield CladFlex is a high performance liquid-applied system designed to offer class leading protection for a wide range of industrial pitched roofs. With exceptional defence against corrosion and weathering, StrataShield CladFlex incorporates the latest polyurethane / polyurea technology and is ideal for use on metal roofs, cladded roofs, gutter linings and asbestos fibrecement roofs.


Step 1: Clean the roof using a power wash, remove all dirt and debris from the roof.

Step 2: Remove rust using a grinder, remove all loose material and rust down to bare metal.

Step 3: Apply StrataPrime(Bonding Agent). StrataPrime has been specially formulated to improve adhesion by forming a chemical link between the substrate and the subsequent coating.

Step 4: Treat sheet laps by applying our StrataShield BT Tape equally to sheet laps (Tape is 150mm width).

Step 5: Apply StrataShield Flex(Resin) to tape.
-First coat 1kg = 5ml per 200mm width
-Second coat 1kg = 5ml per 200 width

Step 6: Apply sealer coat(with pigment paste)to
sheet ends at 200mm width
-1kg = 20ml coverage

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