Strata Waterproofing are specialists in flat roofing and waterproofing products in the UK and Ireland. Our expertise and experience have been used to bring to the market a range of products. The simplicity and visual appeal of flat roofing mean that their use is becoming synonomous with progressive design and architecture trends but specifiers should be under no illusions as to the detailing rigour which is required to achieve a solution which is fit for purpose in our particular climate and provides longevity and efficiency.

With so many options on the market and technology ever evolving - The Strata range have been hand picked to offer a range of solutions from ultimate performance, flexibility and value to the projects they are used for. The knowledgeable Strata team have years of experience in the field and have worked with the manufacturers to exploit their best qualities for our market.
Complex Features
Don’t let your vision be limited by the technologies of the past - Strata have a range of products which are versatile and adaptable to suite a range of complex tasks and uses to lend superior performance to your design scheme with unparalleled longevity and industry leading guarantees.

Renovation and Restoration
Some projects call for the renovation and restoration of structures using older flat roofing technology. Our team can work with the design team to design and specify a retrofit solution to leave the roof in excellent shape for the future with modern guarantees.

Why not contact our team about a flat roofing CPD today and see how strata can help bring your architectural vision to life.

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Strata waterproofing are a UKI flat roofing and waterproofing specialist. We distribute and represent Global, award winning manufacturers.
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