Rapid O

System overview

The robust, 6.2kg/m2 membrane incorporates graphite firewall technology whilst It’s inherent flexibility also allows for simple detailing and gives the product innovative self-healing properties. The membrane’s design also incorporates diagonal shaped channels on the underside which help to vent and control any entrapped roof moisture and enable the product to be rapidly installed using a variety of methods. Most commonly it will be torch-applied to the existing deck surface, but the membrane can also be installed using a heat gun or can be bonded in PU adhesive depending on client preference and project requirements.

Our systems are designed to maximise the protection and minimise the energy loss within any structure. Our innovative technologies are the result of significant investment in research and development, drawing on our wide-ranging experience and working with designers and architects to respond to the ever-changing needs of modern construction.

Rapid-O System Build up

2 - Existing roof surface (e.g. asphalt or bituminous waterproofing membrane) - primed with BÖRNER BITUMEN PRIME coating as required.

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Certification // Guarantee

Features & benefits

• 20 Year Manufacturer Warranty

• Flame Spread Resistance

• High Tensile Strength

• Mechanical Damage Resistance

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