Elmo Flex

System overview

ELMO-Flex 4K is an elastomer polymer bitumen torch-on membrane with a compound reinforcement. It consists of a combination of synthetic, rubber and bitumen with modifying and stabilising additives to ensure a high resilience together with a good recovery after deformation.

Furthermore, ELMO-Flex 4K can serve as a single waterproofing layer on a lightweight roof structure with a slope of at least 2%.

Due to an additional graphite component ELMO-Flex 4K with compound reinforcement possesses fire retardant characteristics that can significantly improve the fire protection requirements.

ELMO Flex System Build up

1 – ELMO-FLEX 4K Single Layer Capsheet

Can be fixed by: Torch-On, Adhered or Mechanically Fastened.

Technical Downloads

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Features & benefits

• Universal application – torch-on / adhered / mechanically fastened to suitable substrates

• Provides a completely flame-free waterproofing solution where required

• Incorporates graphite technology, actively preventing spread of flames on roof

• Robust single layer solution
Exceptional low temperature flexibility at -35°C

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