Alwitra evalon

System overview

EVALON® VSK waterproofing membranes has both a polyester fleece-backing and a synthetic adhesive compound coating. After laying, the fleece-backing also reduces stress and strain on the system (vapour decompression, movement compensation, etc.). The coating is bitumen-free and solvent-free and covered with a protective film when delivered.

EVALON® VSK is a BREEAM accredited membrane which offers a 50 year service life & a 25 year guarantee

The #1 self-adhesive waterproofing membrane

• Self-adhesive underside coating
• Bitumen-free & solvent-free
• High adhesive strength
• Ideal for steep slope or curved roof areas


EVALON® VSK is suitable for:
• Steep sloped roofs
• Curved roofs
• Flat roofs
• Bridging expected cracks


• Quick & Easy Install without additional adhesives
• Time and labour saving
• Clean install
• Solvent-free self-adhesive backing
• Direct laying onto bituminous materials
• Superior adhesion without a flame

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