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RubberBond FleeceBack installation will give you a flat roofing solution that not only looks good, but is proven to last over 50 years.

Strata waterproofing systems have specified and supplied RubberBond FleeceBack to protect hundreds of properties throughout the UK and Ireland. You and your home will benefit from the experience and reputation of RubberBond FleeceBack Approved Contractors to fulfil your flat roofing needs.

Comprising of two layers laminated together to create a resilient 2.6mm membrane, the waterproofing 1.2mm thick EPDM layer bonded to a strong 1.4mm deep polyester fleece backing on the underside of the waterproofing membrane creating a flat roof that is 80% greater puncture resistance and 180% greater tear resistance than standard domestic 1.14mm EPDM membrane.

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Features & benefits

• Suited to new or refurbishment applications

• Excellent puncture resistance

• Outstanding flexibility at low temperatures

• Not affected by high temperatures

• Excellent fire ratings

• Moss and fungus resistance

• 20 year Insurance Backed Guarantee available

• Adheres to almost all substrates

• Ideal for overlayment of existing surface

• Suitable beneath roof terraces & green roofs

• 67% fewer seams than Modified Bitumen with 3.05m wide sheet

• Will not tear, split or crack

• Does not become brittle or degrade with age

• British Board of Agrément approved

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